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  • Earthwork

    With the ability to perform mass excavation, build concrete structures and install pipe and utilities, Meyer Contracting can serve the needs of the ever-changing infrastructure.  Meyer Contracting has the coordination required to build and reconstruct highways, streets, bridges, railroads, underground utilities and drainage facilities.


    Project Showcase

    1-35 Bridge reconstruction

    I-35W Bridge Reconstruction

    The I-35W Bridge reconstruction was a fast track design/build project involving the design of all utilities, gabion walls, tunnel relocation in response to the tragic bridge collapse over the Mississippi River.

    The water main relocation involved critical path items such as contaminated soils remediation, storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer installation.  The project also involved management and coordination with several subcontractors and MnDOT to assure the bridge would be re-opened on time in the most efficient manner possible under sever time and weather constraints.

    Meyer contracting was hired to install all of the site utilities on both sides of the bridge during the re-construct.  This included all of the temporary Sanitary Sewer bypassing until the Sanitary could be replaced and was back up and running.  This work was a 24-7 operation and completed in the winter months.

    Meyer Contracting Earthwork and Utilities

    Trenton Rail Terminal

    Meyer Contracting Inc. was subcontracted to perform the site work for a rail terminal and transload facility near Trenton, North Dakota.  The total project size was over 90 acres.

    Site Erosion Control to include silt fence, seeding, and culvert protection.
    Mined and replaced approximately 180,000 CY of soil to construct the spur subgrade.
    Installed over 2,200 LF of concrete storm sewer.
    Installed over 100,000 SY of MS330 geogrid.
    Furnished and installed approximately 25,000 CY of North Dakota DOT Class 5 Aggregate Surface Course
    Relocated approximately 180,000 CY of fill material on-site.
    Performed soil corrections under rail spur buildings as required.
    Excavated and backfilled 4,200 LF of footings for rail spur buildings.
    Approximately 40,000 CY of Topsoil was removed and replaced on green space areas

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